Stop Smoking

Have you tried to give up smoking using patches, gum, pills, inhalers or willpower without success? Let your mind overcome your addiction

Weight Loss

Do you eat too much, eat the wrong foods or need to exercise more? Get control of your choices through hypnosis

Fears and Phobias

Wont cross the road because of a dog? Fear your life when you see a spider? Fear no more ....

Stress Management

Is the stress of everyday life getting too much? Cant think clearly? Get in control today

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What we treat

  • Stress Management

    One of today's most common problems is everyday stress in work, with the kids or wiht personal issues. Once you can learn to control your mind, you will feel relived, like a weight off your shoulders.. I can help you to think clearer and lift that big heavy weight on your shoulders
  • Habits & Addictions

    Nail biting, smoking, food, drinking, drugs, medication, shopping, matter what the addiction or how severe it is, I can help you overcome what you might think is the unachieveable
  • Self Esteem / Confidence

    Often in work or social circumstances, it is normal to feel low in confidence when publically speaking. Dont suffer from self doubt or miss an opportunity. I can help you feel more comfortable
  • Pain

    Are you suffering and no pain killers will help? I can help you with pain management through hypnosis now....


  • "Thank you so so so much for your help to overcome my fear of driving. I drove to the office 4 days last week and then drove to Kilkenny at the weekend! My husband can not get over the change.  I didnt panic once and actually smiled once or twice when the lights went green! In a childish sort of way, I now look forward to driving. It's so nice to have my independence back- thanks a mil JJ."
  • Finally managed to give up smoking... all it took was just ONE session, after years of trying... exceptional results, so happy...